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“An innovative hall pass & attendance software that will save you

time and money while keeping all stakeholders informed.”

Get Hall Pass: Your Needs – Our Solution

Traditional schedules are a thing of the past and printed student planners are being used less and less. Now, schools offer flexible schedules that allow students’ learning anytime, anywhere and student planners changed to online calendars. However, school officials are accountable for the students’ movements within the building. Tracking students manually using printed passes and sign-in clipboards are inaccurate and time-consuming. Get Hall Pass uses an online pass system that streamlines the process by showing the students’ locations to administrators; providing easy report-building interface with real-time updates to staff; allowing students unhindered movement within school while tracking attendance by scanning their IDs and giving peace-of-mind to parents by adding another attendance check safety-net.

Benefits to Administrators

“Data driven accountability”
Accountability can only be measured using accurate real-time data. Get Hall Pass relies on technology to collect data that can be easily transformed into charts and tables in order the tackle the minute-to-minute attendance issues.

Benefits to Office Staff

“Ease of use and reporting”
Click and go interface with real-time updates to the database and no need for advanced knowledge of spreadsheets. This allows office personnel a chance to confer with students in “mini counseling session” format.

Benefits to Students

“Built-in responsibility”
Provides gradual release of responsibility to students by allowing them unhindered movement between locations while holding them responsible for their attendance.  Use of planners is eliminated because arrivals and departures are done online.

Benefits to Parents

“Safety and security measures”
This will provide more security for students by creating another safety net within the building.  Parents will be assured that the school personnel are diligently keeping the building secure and are continuously maintaining a safe and positive learning environment.

Why Our Product

Currently, Student Information Systems (SIS) and Student Management Systems (SMS) are built to track student attendance at the start of each class period.  Once attendance is taken, there are no other technological means of tracking students’ movements from class to other locations.  In addition, there are no all-inclusive software packages that allow check-ins and check-outs of students leaving or entering the school building late or during irregular times.  If your school is still using inefficient and inaccurate manual sign-in and sign-out sheets, hand written passes or student planner passes, you need to give Get Hall Pass a try.  After all,  Get Hall Pass is built to fill this crucial gap with a single software.

Who we are

Administrative Software Solutions, LLC was founded by a group of dedicated educators whose experience is deeply seeded in finding solutions for schools.  Our endeavor is to contribute to the improvement of schools through the creation of scalable, intuitive and user-friendly software solutions.  To help you manage the daily operations of schools, we set out to create applicable software based:

  • On our own field observations during our years of hand-on experience in schools.
  • On the input from educators, especially school administrators.
  • On the latest educational research findings.
  • On the changes to the laws and policies mandated by the school districts, local, state, and federal governments.

Our mission is to make a difference in students’ lives and learning by providing the appropriate fail-safe systems of accountability.  Our hope is to make it easier for administrators, teachers and educational support individuals to run the schools efficiently and effectively so that they are freed to do what they do best, build positive relationships through interacting and guiding students.

Our promise to you is to make our continuous improvement process based on your needs, the customer. Therefore, we are at the ready to listen to your concerns and suggestions to create new software solutions or improve our existing products.

Thank you,

Get Hall Pass Team

  • Crafted with students in mind

    We are educators at heart. All we want is to allow our students to spend more time working on their projects by not waiting in line to sign-in.

  • Eliminates Paper Passes and Planners

    Teachers do not have to waste time writing passes and students do not have to worry about carrying or losing their planners.

  • Natural process

    We have streamlined the process to maximize efficiency and make check-in and checkout procedure more fluid.

  • Lightning Fast

    You will save hours of work because of our speedy and intuitive process.  You will be up and running in no time at all.

  • One click reports

    We understand that by the end of the day, you do not want to spend precious minutes worrying about running daily reports.

  • limitless access points

    If you have a network connection, you will have access to all the data about your students.

  • Positive reviews

    Administrators can’t do without it, staff appreciate it and students love it.  What else is there to say?

What others say about us

“I have been waiting for a software like this one for a long time.”

School Secretary

“No more unnecessary phone calls or emails to check if my students made it to the library or the computer lab.”


“Good-bye to the disruptive all school announcements over the PA system just to locate a single student :)”

Office Staff

“The built-in one click reports are a life-saver.  Thanks GetHallPass!”